FAO Lodge Secretaries
Annual Inspection of Books
The Annual Inspection of Lodge Books by Provincial Grand Lodge will take place in April each year. Books will be done over two evenings both within the premises of Lodge St. John No. 187 Carluke. Please note that the following must be presented: For Lodge Secretary’s Books: Petition Book: Minute Book: Roll Book: Attendance Book. Byelaws are not required.
For Lodge Treasurers books: Cash Book, Balance Sheet, Bank Pass Books, Certificates of Balance, Details of Investments and the independent examiners statement as per the 5th Schedule issued to Lodges in 2017. The Books should be presented by the Lodge Secretary and Treasurer or, in their absence, a Brother or Brethren competent to present and comment upon the same.

Book Inspection times and dates 2019. Both evenings at Lodge St. John No. 187 Carluke.

Wednesday 3rd April 2019
7PM - 248 Team 1, 1630 Team 2, 187 Team 3.
7.30PM - 20, Team 1, 21 Team 2, 236 Team 3.
8PM - 507 Team 1.

Wednesday 10th April 2019
7PM - 912 Team 1, 949 Team 2, 118 Team 3.
7.30PM - 1199 Team 1, 1081 Team 2, 1289 Team 3.
8PM - 167 Team 1, 244 Team 2.

PGL Visitations
The Head of the Deputation will be the same at the Annual Visitation and the Installation of the new Right Worshipful Master and Office Bearers.

Bye-Laws - Grand Lodge Laws (26th Edition)- Law 196
"Every Lodge must have Bye-Laws approved by Grand Committee. The Bye-Laws and any alterations or alterations to them shall, in the first instance, be submitted to Provincial Grand Lodge for revision. After being so revised they shall be forwarded in duplicate to Grand Lodge for final revision and approval by Grand Committee. Alterations and additions submitted must be accompanied by two copies of existing Bye-Laws and Notice of Motion. Revised Bye-Laws cannot be effective until they have been approved by Provincial Grand Lodge and Grand Lodge, except in the respect of fees should the Daughter Lodge be prejudiced by the lapse of time."

To enable Provincial Grand Lodge to expedite the above, two copies of existing Bye-Laws together with two copies of revised Bye-Laws, two copies of Notice of Motion and the necessary Pro Forma document must be forwarded to the Provincial Grand Secretary in good time for them to be dealt with by the Provincial Bye-Laws Committee prior to submission to Grand Lodge for approval.

Annual Returns
Annual returns from Daughter Lodges are required to be submitted by the 31ST of December in each year. It would be appreciated if these were attended to promptly to allow the early preparation of the Provincial Syllabus.

Dispensation is required from the Provincial Grand Master:

1. To hold Memorial Services.
2. To wear Masonic Ragalia at funerals, outside the lodge and at Social Functions.
3. To change date, time or place of a Lodge Meeting or to cancel a regular meeting.
4. To invite a Lodge from another Province to confer a Degree in your Lodge.
5. To confer a Degree outwith the Province.
6. To confer Distinguished Life membership.

Note: If the Lodge Bye-Laws contain the clause 'or at such hour as the Lodge at a previous regular meeting may appoint' it is not necessary for permission to alter the hour of the meeting. You should, however, notify Provincial Grand Secretary of the change of hour.

Provoncial Grand Lodge Sporting Events
Details of these competitions will be issued by letter from Provincial Grand Secretary on behalf of the sporting convenors that can be contacted as below. Donations of raffle prizes are always greatly appreciated for these competitions.

Provincial Grand Lodge Golf Competition
This is planned to be booked for Sunday the 29th April 2018 at Biggar Golf Club. 9.30 am for a 10.30 am start. Details will be circulated to Lodges by the convenor WDPGM Alex Brown.
Provisionally next year’s competition will be on Sunday the 28th April 2019 subject to availability. Details will be circulated in due course.
Please Note: Dress code in the clubhouse is collared shirt. No trainers, denims or tee shirts.

PGL Fishing Competition
This will be held at Allandale Tarn fishery West Calder on Sunday 24th June 2018 cost estimated at £26 for the day. Details will be issued by the convener PM Craig McDonald Lodge Union 244 who can be contacted on 07835 465160.

Lord Lamington Bowling Competition
This years competition will be held at Stonehouse Bowling Club on Saturday 11th of August. Cost is £36 per triple team. Further details will be issued by the Lodge Secretary at Union 244 Brother Alan McCluckie.
This is the current Lodge rota for hosting this competition:
2018 - Lodge Union. No. 244
2019 - Lodge St. Bride No.118
2020 - Lodge Lockhart St. John No. 248
2021 - Lodge Newlands No.949
2022 - Lodge Nethan St. John No.1289

Provoncial Annual Dinner Dance/Ball
This is currently under review and details will be issued as soon as possible.

Provincial Divine Service
This will take place at Forth St Paul’s Church on Sunday the 13th May 2018 at 2pm. The Province will receive a large number of visiting Sister Provinces at this service and each Daughter Lodge is asked to have at least one member to attend and represent their lodge in the traditional Guard of Honour for these visitors. Attendees should change and muster in the church hall for 1.45pm.
Lodge St John 236 are kindly hosting the service once again and a buffet and refreshment will be provided in the Lodge after the service